5 Tasty Cocktails For Beginners

Are you a fledgling cocktail connoisseur? Would you like to master some perennial favorites and establish confidence as a legitimate drink champion? Maybe you just want to experience the novelty a bit. At any rate, we have some pointers that will help you really dig into a fun and delectable hobby.

5 tasty cocktails for beginners

5 Tasty Cocktails for Beginners:

1. Margarita

This is arguably the most popular cocktail in existence. It pairs well with Mexican food, you can enjoy it any time of day, and you can make it frozen or on ice. The base liquor is tequila. There are several ways to modify margaritas, but you usually mix tequila with orange liqueur and lime juice with a coating of salt around the brim of the glass.

2. Amaretto Sour

Sours are a great starter beverage for anyone adverse to strong drinks where you taste too much of the alcohol. It’s typically made from amaretto liqueur, lemon juice, and syrup. Perhaps you’ve seen some drinks that come with lime or some other complimentary fruit. Well, it’s customary to accompany an amaretto sour with a slice of orange or maybe a maraschino cherry.

3. Moscow Mule

This Russian inspiration is made from that country’s favorite liquor, vodka, mixed with ingredients like lime juice and ginger beer. To make it the right way, you’ll want to embellish it with some mint and serve it in one of those cool copper mugs. You’ll look like less of a rookie drinking a cocktail in one of those.

4. Bloody Mary

This drink has a ton of unique ingredients. The Bloody Mary mainstays are vodka, tomato juice, and tobacco sauce. Most folks supplement them with things like pepper, celery, garnish, and even Worcestershire sauce. Yes, this one’s loaded with healthy ingredients.

5. Mojito

The Mojito is a little different in that its typical sweetener isn’t juice, but rather club soda or Sprite. Rum is the primary liquor, and most bars add mint, lime juice, and sugar. Like some of the other selections, this one is not only fun but refreshing. Your cocktail experience does not have to be something that leaves you overly dehydrated.

Costa Verde welcomes you to enjoy the wonderful world of cocktails, and always drink temperately. We own and operate several restaurant franchises in the Bay Shore area, including Verde KitchenCoastal Kitchen, Bridgewaters Inn, and Sweet Jane (coming soon). We’re just getting started with some of the great venues, so be sure to check in with us again soon!

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