Add Happy Hour to Your Social Life

Are you ready for a simple way to boost your social life? We have the solution: Happy Hour! It doesn’t matter whether you want to find your next sweetheart or just keep your friend circle strong. Happy Hour can really help.
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We even thought of a few specific ways to use it to your advantage for enhanced socializing.

The Many Ways Happy Hour Helps Your Social Life

  • Casual Mingling
      • We can think of no better way to meet new people than to drop into a nice establishment for a carefree afternoon. You may not always find somebody willing to chat, but if you come often enough, it’s nothing to strike up a two-hour conversation with a new acquaintance.
      • Today, more than ever, folks are struggling with loneliness and isolation. Happy Hour gives you an easy way to meet new friends (who probably have the same issues).
  • Afternoon Dating
      • Everybody’s heard of “date night.” However, courtship doesn’t need to confine itself to nights and evenings. Gentlemen, why not take your lady friend to an upscale place like Coastal Kitchen for an affordable afternoon meal? You could top it off with a nice frozen cocktail while you’re there.
  • Enjoy Cheaper Drinks & Food
      • Let’s face it, everybody seems to have to cut back on their entertainment and dining budgets these days. While you still want to go out for a nice meal or drink, it helps to have an affordable option.
      • Did you know if you go to Verde Kitchen during Happy Hour, you can get 25% off tacos? Not only that, but you can get beer, wine, and sangrias for only $2. These are serious bargains you can’t afford to ignore.
  • Enjoy Good Music
      • Don’t forget to treat your ears as well. We always have nice music in the background at our various establishments. Plus, it’s sure to be an awesome time whenever live music events happen.
  • Network with Coworkers, Business Partners, etc.
    • One of the underrated Happy Hour social benefits is the potential for business networking. We often restrict the concept to partying and chilling, but it’s also a great way to converse with clients or talk shop with coworkers.

What other ways can you take advantage of Happy Hour? There are so many that we could probably make the list three pages long, but this will suffice for now. Whatever you do, don’t forget to avail yourself of this nice American tradition at least once in a while.

Costa Verde owns and operates three restaurant venues, all possessing lucrative and fun Happy Hour specials. Feel free to check out Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, Coastal Kitchen, and Bridgewater Inn to discover more. We even have a fourth establishment, Sweet Jane, coming soon. When it does, we’ll have yet another fantastic way to serve Long Island with top-notch hospitality.

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