Best Drinks to Enjoy on a Happy Hour Cruise

It always surprises us that there are people out there who aren’t quite familiar with every type of happy hour iteration that exists. A lot of people just assume that happy hour can only take place at a bar or a local pub. And that’s okay because that’s usually the most common place where you would spend happy hour with friends or coworkers. But, today we’re going to tell you something about a happy hour on a cruise. But not only that, we’re going to share with you four drinks that will make that happy hour cruise even better.
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We start off with a Greyhound. This is a middle-of-the-road drink that won’t hit you too hard while also giving your taste buds a party. You make this drink by taking some vodka or gin and then all you do is simply mix it with grapefruit juice. It’s not much to it but you’d be surprised by how much flavor this drink actually packs.

Cranberry sparkling vodka

Now if you like a drink that really makes your taste buds come alive, and if you happen to love a fruity flavor, then cranberry sparkling vodka might be the drink for you. For this one, you take, of course, sparkling water or soda, one shot of vodka, two shots of cranberry juice, a splash of lime juice, some cranberries, and optional ice. This one has a little bit more ingredients than the last one on this list, but the extra effort is definitely worth the payoff.

Red wine

Want to go a little simpler with your drinking on the cruise? That’s no problem at all because you can also opt to have some red wine. Red wine is one of those perfect relaxation drinks that you can enjoy right on the water. There’s nothing like listening to the waves while sipping this drink. And you also don’t have to just stick to red wine. You can also opt for a Merlot. The choice is yours!

Moscow mule

Last but certainly not least on our list is something known as the Moscow mule.  Here you’re going to take half a cup of ginger beer, one and a half ounces of vodka, half an ounce of lime juice, some ice, and garnish with lime. While using the ingredients you may not think these things go together but, you’ll see just how well they do with one sip.

So check out Costa Verde’s happy hour cruise and come on down to 12 E Main St, Bay Shore, NY 11706 to enjoy happy hour on the water.

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