Fun Cocktails for March Madness

March Madness is here and all of us here at Costa Verde is so excited to be celebrating while watching the games!  Not only is this time of the year great for basketball fanatics everywhere, but it’s also the ideal occasion to kick back, relax, and sip on fun beverages with your friends and family … Read more

Join Us for Happy Hour

Setting aside time during the week to head to a happy hour is a great way to unwind and connect with friends and family at the end of the day!  Costa Verde restaurants feature unique dining and drinks that are sure to please everyone at your party.  You’ll want to make happy hour a weekly … Read more

The Best Pairings of Beer & Seafood

Of all the cuisines and delicacies that can be found across the globe, seafood seems to be the universal dish that unites humanity. Every culture has its own unique meal and its own special way it’s prepared and served. Of course, every meal requires a beverage of some sort to wash it down, which is … Read more

Reasons to Become an Investor with Costa Verde

Have you ever considered investing in the hospitality business? There are several significant reasons to do so, even amid post-pandemic times when running a restaurant can be challenging. With difficult circumstances, however, you can still find abundant growth opportunities. We’d like to show you a few reasons to become an institutional investor, especially with a … Read more

Why Was Happy Hour Created?

Where does Happy Hour originate? We know it’s the best time to get better deals on drinks and food, but why did bars and restaurants offer specials during this “happier” time of day? We’re happy to show you this fun origin story and share some of our specials at Verde Kitchen and Coastal Kitchen. Why … Read more

Brightwaters Catering Event

Get ready to do the big game right with this awesome, all-day event at Brightwaters Inn in Long Island. It’s a catered event with Brightwaters catering, so this is your chance to watch Super Bowl LVI while enjoying the best food and cocktails and have a great time with your friends shouting at the game. … Read more

Celebrate the Holidays With CostaVerde

All of us have different ways in which we like to celebrate the holidays. That’s what makes this time of year so unique, there is no one-holiday tradition that everyone must adhere to. It’s times like this that make us grateful for the people in our life, and of course, the moments we get to share with them. If you call Long Island home, then you might have frequented some of CostaVerde’s locations at some point during the year. To show how grateful we are for the continued support, we invite you to come spend the holidays with us at one of our many locations.

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