Celebrate National Rum Day With a Cocktail Yacht or Truck

The date of August 16th coincides with a very special day. While you won’t get time off work, and no greeting cards are associated with it, national rum day is a perfect reason to celebrate. Next to vodka and whiskey, Rum is the most popular spirit in the United States. Rum, which came to prominence in the 1600s in the Caribbean, has long been a favorite of both pirates and people for centuries. There are various ways to celebrate national rum day, from having a rum and coke with your friends or even indulging in a rum cake. However, if you’re looking for a truly decadent celebration, Costa Verde has an offer that’s just too good to refuse. 
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The Cocktail Yacht & Truck; The Only Way to Celebrate 

What’s that? You don’t feel like going out to celebrate? You’re interested in having a quiet function with a few choice people and avoiding the large crowds? Good news; you’re in luck. If you don’t like attending the party, Costa Verde will bring the party to you. 

The cocktail truck is the ultimate mobile party. We’ll serve up a wide variety of beverages for two and a half hours. From beers, seltzers, and wine to cocktails of the decadent variety. Margaritas and Mojitos can be served up alongside some truly tasty treats. This means you can enjoy a shrimp cocktail, a rum cocktail, and a fancy umbrella. The possibilities are endless. 

Costa Verde proudly presents the Cocktail Yacht if you’re in the mood for an adventure, along with a few libations. With the restrictions from the pandemic being lifted and life back to a relative state of normalcy, it’s the perfect time to set sail with your closest friends and a fully stocked bar. Operated by the Shoreline Trading Company, the Running Wild is primed and ready to set sail with a seating capacity of 45 people and a fully stocked bar. Two cruises are available, the Sunday Brunch & Bubbles, which offers bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s, and the Friday Happy Hour Cruise, with plenty of drinks and the breathtaking sights of the South Bay. 

Enjoy the Whole Costal Verde Experience 

Costa Verde offers the best in terms of luxury and living the life possible. Aside from our cocktail truck and yacht, we offer rental properties and fine dining at Coastal Kitech and Coastal Verde. You deserve the very best, and so that’s what we offer. For more information, visit costaverdelongisland.com.

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