Costa Verde: Providing for Long Island

Long Island is a very special place. If you live here, then you know about the pride and prestige that we carry in our hearts. Costa Verde takes great pride in the quality that we extend to the people we call our customers. If you’ve ever patronized one of our establishments, whether it was just stopping in for a drink or enjoying a meal, you’re family. And as our family, we will never stop in pushing ourselves to offer you the very best. 

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What We Offer

Some companies just have one establishment, one location to offer up their products and services to their clientele. For us, one place isn’t enough. Which is why we offer a variety of establishments that cater to the various whims and unique tastes that makes Long Island such a wonderful place to call home. 

Bars & Restaurants

  • Coastal Kitchen Tropical cuisines and travel inspired drinks that bring the best of the southern hemisphere to Long Island. Perfect for those days that call for a Margarita. 
  • Brightwaters Inn Sometimes, you just need to mosey on down to a watering hole for some hot wings and cold libations. The Brightwaters Inn is the type of eatery where you can enjoy the game and the refreshments that are known to accompany it. 
  • Verde Kitchen If you’ve ever craved the finest in authentic Mexican cuisine but don’t feel like a road trip south of the border, this is the location for you. Creative dishes and cocktails are waiting for you…
  • Sweet Jane… COMING SOON!

Catering options are available from all of these locations…just in case you ever wanted to throw a party. 

Cocktail Truck (Coming in Spring 2022)

Food trucks have risen in popularity in recent years. But very few are dishing out the drinks along with a variety of food…we are! Arriving in Spring of 2022 is the Cocktail Truck. Can’t find a place to party? We’ll bring it to you!

Shoreline Trading Company

Fire Island Ferries and Coast Kitchen recently joined in a collaborative effort to offer one of the most unique experiences…a cocktail cruise above the Running Wild, a yacht that’s styled after the ships you’d find decades ago in the Great South Bay. With accommodations for 46 and a fully stocked bar, this is one three-hour tour you’ll be happy to get lost on. 

Vacation Properties

We all love Long Island, but every once and a while it’s nice to get away from it all. This is why we have a 2 and 6-bedroom waterfront available for the ultimate getaway. With access to countless amenities and natural beauty all around, the hardest part of your vacation will be choosing what to do. 

For more info on everything we have to offer, sail on over to…you’ll be happy you did.

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