Fun Cocktails for Halloween

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Cocktails are candy for adults, so celebrate Halloween with these fun and festive cocktails.
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Everybody loves margaritas. You can make this crowd-pleasing drink more festive by opting for a mango flavor. Mango-Ritas are orange in color, matching the color of Halloween. To make this drink, mix frozen mangos with lime juice, simple syrup, water, ice, and valencia orange tequila.

Red cocktails are also great for Halloween. A delicious red cocktail is the Paloma Passion, which is made with mixed berry kombucha, grapefruit hibiscus infused tequila, grapefruit juice, and lime juice.

If you feel like getting more creative with your cocktails, try a smoking blackberry sage margarita. These margs are made with valencia orange tequila, lemon juice, blackberries, sage, maple syrup, orange bitters, dried sage leaves, and blackberries for garnish. To craft the drink, muddle the blackberries and sage together until broken down and fragrant. Then, pour in the tequila, maple syrup, bitters, and lemon juice. Give the drink a good shake again and pour over ice. Lighting the dried sage garnish on fire before serving creates a smoky effect that adds an extra touch to your cocktail.

You can never go wrong with an old fashioned. To make this drink more spooky-season-appropriate, try making it with smoky rosemary. Add a sugar cube and chocolate bitters into a rocks glass. Then add water and stir until the sugar cube is nearly dissolved. Next, fill your glass with ice cubes and add valencia orange tequila. Gently stir the ingredients to combine and add the oil of an orange peel, then drop the orange peel into the drink. To garnish, add some rosemary. You can light the rosemary on fire for a smoky effect as well.

The Bride of Frankenstein cocktail is a delicious seasonal cocktail that is a must-have at your next Halloween party. To make this drink, use a pilsner glass and muddle blackberries with sugar. Fill your glass with crushed ice and use a shaker to mix grapefruit hibiscus tequila, lemon juice, simple syrup, and your muddled blackberries and sugar. Strain your concoction into your glass and top it with club soda.

Consider these cocktails for your next Halloween event. You can also visit Costa Verde location in Bay Shore for delicious seasonal cocktails that can get you into the Halloween spirit. You may also want to consider paying a visit to our cocktail yacht, or cocktail truck this October.

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