Guide to Plan an Unforgettable Party Boat Trip

Whether you’re preparing for spring break or summer vacation, consider a party boat trip. A party boat trip is the perfect way to make lifelong memories with your friends. Here is a guide to planning an unforgettable party boat trip.
party boat bay shore
First things first, pick the right boat for your party. When you rent a boat, you need to be sure it’s the right size for all of your guests. Next, ask the company you are renting from if they have any rules or regulations for renters. You want to be sure you are allowed to use the boat you are renting for a party.

Once you’ve found the perfect boat for your party, you want to pack the essentials. Water is the number one must-have during your event. It is easy to get dehydrated on a hot summer day, especially if you are on a boat and don’t have access to safe drinking water. In addition to packing plenty of water, also pack sunscreen to reduce the risk of sunburn. Finally, food and music are party essentials, so pack some cuisine for your excursion, as well as some speakers.

You may also want to pack some activities for your party boat. If your guests are interested in swimming, consider bringing some water-sport equipment on the trip. Items like tubes, waterskis, and wakeboards are perfect. You may also want to bring things like floaties or snorkeling masks. 

Do you want to drink on your party boat? If so, you may be more interested in a cocktail cruise. Riding on a cocktail cruise with your closest friends is an easier and safer way to enjoy drinks on the water. However, if you insist on the privacy of a party boat, you can hire a professional to operate the boat during your event. Just be sure to follow the rules and regulations to be sure your party is as safe and fun as possible.

Once you’ve picked out the boat, activities, menu, and music, you’re ready for your party boat adventure. Whether you want to rent a vacation property on the water or are interested in sailing on a cocktail yacht, work with Costa Verde Long Island for your next vacation.

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