Reasons to Become an Investor with Costa Verde

Have you ever considered investing in the hospitality business? There are several significant reasons to do so, even amid post-pandemic times when running a restaurant can be challenging.
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With difficult circumstances, however, you can still find abundant growth opportunities. We’d like to show you a few reasons to become an institutional investor, especially with a growing business like Costa Verde.

Reasons to Become an Investor

  • Substantial ROI
      • It doesn’t take lots of prior wealth to experience a substantial Return on Investment (ROI). Many of the best investors began with a small initial investment, took advantage of compound interest, and saw their portfolios grow quickly. When you invest in simple or company stocks, it’s common to see an average ROI of over 10%. This is a much better option than keeping your money in a bank or in treasury bills, which no longer outpace taxes and inflation.
  • Long-Term Growth Potential
      • Institutional investment is all about the long game. If history is any indication, you can expect to double your investment after a few years, provided you buy into something with a high enough ROI (at least 10%). Yes, we all have to endure the highs and lows of booms and recessions, but the key to success is patience and consistency. As long as you invest wisely and consistently, without allowing market changes to intimidate you, you have a great chance of doing well in the long run. 
  • Take Advantage of Tax-Free Investment Opportunities
      • Investment vehicles, like Roth IRAs for example, create a tax shelter for your wealth. If you want to create a reliable nest egg for retirement, then investing is by far the most effective method.
  • It Doesn’t Cost a Fortune
      • You don’t have to dedicate all of your wealth to get results. You can invest with us in several incremental levels, whether it would be $10,000 to $25,000 or beyond $100,000.

Investing in Costa Verde

Investment professionals, like Warren Buffett, always credit their success to researching and understanding the companies they buy. We invite you to do the same before partnering with Costa Verde.

Who are we? Costa Verde owns and operates a chain of restaurants and other leisure services, including event catering. In other words, we provide something that’s well in demand around Long Island, particularly with our four restaurants: Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, Coastal Kitchen, Sweet Jane, and Bridgewaters Inn.

If you’re considering a partnership with a growing restaurant business, then review those specific websites to get a feel for what they offer. As always, we’re happy to field questions regarding menus, catering, or anything else.

Costa Verde serves the Long Island community with fine dining, cocktail bars, vacation rental properties, and consulting services. If you’d like to support or participate in businesses like these, then we want to hear from you. Contact us anytime to learn more.

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