Sunday Brunch & Bubbles – Bottomless Brunch

There’s something to be said about treating yourself well after the work week has been concluded. While you can’t always afford to take a luxurious vacation to a tropical paradise, you can partake in the fine art of brunch. As you might be able to deduce by its name, brunch is a meal that falls in between breakfast and lunch, and might be one of the best activities you can partake in. At Costa Verde we understand the feeling of needing to unwind after a stress-inducing week, and this is why we offer a brunch that’s too perfect to pass up. And if you need more reasons to celebrate, we’ve gathered a few. 
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The Perfect Time of Day 

Not everyone has time for breakfast. After all, many of us are worker bees who are constantly on the go and rarely have the time to stop and smell the roses. Brunch is ideal because of the time of day it takes place. To put it simply, it’s after you’ve had your morning coffee, but before the sun goes down. It’s the perfect time to cap off a weekend away from the office. 

Double the Portions, Double Your Pleasure 

Since brunch is between two meals, you can theoretically fill yourself up guilt-free. Feel like having two slices of avocado toast instead of just one? Do it! Indulge yourself in a feast of delights. You’re worth it. 

Hair of the Dog 

You might have spent Saturday night enjoying a libation…or several. Sunday Brunch is one of the best cures for a hangover. Sit back, have a bloody mary, and enjoy the moment of good food as you recover from a Saturday night of decadence. 

Beneficial for Mental Health 

Brunch, like many other things that we enjoy partaking in, is best done with the company of a few close friends. Research has shown that people who go out for social interaction tend to be much happier and healthier. Just setting up one day a week to play catch up and enjoy the company of the people we’re most grateful for can do wonders for your outlook and overall mood.

Enjoy Brunch at Coastal Kitchen 

At Costa Verde, we believe in offering up the very best food and drinks to everyone who joins us on our Sunday Brunch & Bubbles cruise. We want nothing more than to see our customers happy and well-fed, Sunday brunch might just be the easiest way to live your best life. For more information on our Cocktail Yacht visit us at

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