The Best Pairings of Beer & Seafood

Of all the cuisines and delicacies that can be found across the globe, seafood seems to be the universal dish that unites humanity. Every culture has its own unique meal and its own special way it’s prepared and served. Of course, every meal requires a beverage of some sort to wash it down, which is why we’re here today. If you plan on enjoying some fish, perhaps a beer or two is something you’re in the mood for. But what beer goes with the various offerings of seafood served up at your favorite restaurant? We’re about to find out…
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When people think of the sophisticated side of seafood, you better believe that lobster is what often gets mentioned first. One of the best drinks to pair with lobster, of which there are several, is an American IPA. Go into any lobster shack in New England, and an IPA will be the best addition to your meal. 

Crab Legs 

Similar to lobster, crab meat tends to be on the high end of the seafood spectrum. Because of its rich taste, a light beer such as a domestic blend or a pilsner will deliver an excellent contrast in taste. 


While not as pricey as lobster or crab, scallops have a very unique taste that’s sweet and satisfying. While IPAs tend to go well with them, we recommend a wheat beer such as hefeweizen. If it’s the sweetness you crave, Sam Addams Cherry Wheat can really tickle your taste buds. 


Whether they’re served up cold in a raw bar or in the bedroom as an aphrodisiac, oysters are delicious and pack a significant amount of fatty acids and protein. Because of the brine flavor that accompanies them, stouts such as Guinness really bring out the flavor. 


The list of beverages that pair well with salmon is a lengthy one. This is due to the wide variety of ways salmon can be prepared. If you plan on seasoning your salmon, Tecate or a domestic beer will help even out the spice. If it’s au natural, a lager or pale ale such as Sierra Nevada will work wonders for the flavor. 


Much like salmon, shrimp can be prepared in a wide variety of ways. While some enjoy shrimp cocktails, others enjoy having them grilled and served alongside vegetables and other proteins. In both situations, a pale ale or light beer is the best choice to balance out the flavor. 

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