Things You May Not Know About Fish

How much do you know about fish? Well, we want to remind you how it’s become one of the most popular menu items in restaurants across America. As health-conscious people seek a tasty alternative to chicken, pork, and beef, fish continues to thrive.
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Fun & Interesting Seafood Facts

We’ll bet at least one of these fun seafood facts is news to you.

Cooking shrimp is fascinating enough, considering how there are roughly 1,000 ways to do it. However, shrimps have interesting reproductive biology. All of them begin life as males, whereas some of them later develop female organs. The details of this are complex, but shrimps are a unique example of reproductive versatility among sealife.

Did you know that lobsters actually get up to a meter long? Yes, and it’s also nothing for them to live half a century in the wild. We love lobster as the undisputed king of shellfish flavor, but it’s also really healthy for you. If you’re looking to bolster your energy levels, consume this crustacean for lots of Vitamin B, iron, zinc, and other nutrients.

Crabs tend to live not as long as lobsters, maybe about three or four years, typically. They have some interesting endurance capabilities, though. Crab habitats include harsh environments like volcanoes, Antarctic ice sheets, and all throughout the ocean. They’re also savory and good for you. Chew on some crab meat for a huge helping of Omega 3.

Do you know where oysters get their pearls? They’re not born with them. They actually fabricate them out of foreign objects that invade their bodies. This is usually a parasite or a piece of sand that they cover with a shiny coat to neutralize it. We think that eating oysters and seafood at Costa Verde is one of the richest pearls of wisdom we can offer.

No matter how far away salmon travel, they ALWAYS return to where they’re born to lay their eggs. These fish thrive in both seawater and freshwater, so it’s common to find them everywhere. These are also excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, contributing to higher levels of good cholesterol.

We hope you found these rare seafood facts amusing. It’s something to keep in mind the next time you’re at Costa Verde for grilled shrimp tacos.

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